Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Serenity...Now Available In a Box: Borghese Serenity Now Gift Set (review and SALE announcement)

You heard me right. Serenity does not come from within. It comes in a gorgeous, delicious gift box from Borghese. Relieving your holiday stress is just that easy! Read about the kit (and then read about the sale information at the end of this post).

Serenity Now Gift Set

Blurb: Nothing helps you obtain “Serenity Now” more than the pampering of spa beauty care. Start your trip to Serenity with Borghese’s skin-perfecting products. From purifying and rejuvenating Fango Active Mud for Face and Body to deep-cleansing Bagno di Vita Gentle Foaming Gel for Bath and Shower and soothing Botanico Eye Compresses, these are the products that pamper skin perfectly, leaving it soft, sensual and silkened. CuraForte Moisture Intensifier, Cura di Vita Protettivo Protective Moisturizer SPF 15, Tono Body Creme and Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme SPF 8 provide deep and intense moisture and protection for the face, body and hands. It’s a total spa experience that leaves you serene and relaxed.

To begin with, the kit is elegant, luxurious and super giftable/getable! It comes in a lovely box, it's well-packed, and the assortment of goodies is to die for! (And the soft, round sponge that came with the kit is a nice touch.) The set includes:

Botanico Eye Compresses
Bagno di Vita Gentle Foaming Gel for Bath and Shower
Tono Body Creme
Fango Active Mud for Face and Body
CuraForte Moisture Intensifier
Cura di Vita Protettivo Protective Moisturizer
Splendide Mani Smoothing Hand Creme

There are so many items that I'm only going to review a couple of them right now. But I'll be talking about the others later because I loved them!

Botanico Eye Compresses

Blurb: Since our eyes are the first area to reflect the ravages of aging and fatigue, they need special attention. Our Botanico Eye Compresses provide a quick pick-me-up in five minutes. Smooth, cool and refresh the delicate eye area instantly. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes.

These compresses are soothing, refreshing and so relaxing to use. I love taking a couple of minutes in the morning to relax quietly with these on. I let the pads sit on my closed lids, then remove them and pat a little bit of the remaining moisturizer in.

Bagno di Vita Gentle Foaming Gel for Bath and Shower

Blurb: A fresh, revitalizing, foaming bath and shower gel. Gently frees deep-down impurities while moisturizing skin.

Oh my gosh! This is worth getting the whole kit for! There is nothing not to like about this Gel. As a shower gel, the texture is creamy and silky. It feels amazing and super pampering. I love the fragrance. I wish I could describe it better, but it's like an herbal-spa fragrance. It's clean and fresh without being perfumy. I also tried this as a bubble bath and got a whole tub full of fluffy bubbles. And a little bit goes a very long way, so you can be sure of many days of serenity.

Tono Body Crème

Blurb: An extra-rich treatment creme that locks in hydration with moisture intensifying molecules. The body is veiled in invisible moisture, which becomes obvious in both the appearance and texture of the skin. Firms and smoothes skin tone.

I loved this too! It also has a light and fresh "spa" fragrance; and the crème felt wonderfully smooth and comforting. It absorbed quickly, and my skin felt soft and supple.all day.

I can't say enough nice things about his kit (which is why I'm posting about it again later). It's a great value, and a great way to try out (or give) lots of great Borghese products. The website also has a couple of other really nice looking kits. Check out the Rescue and Retreat and Simply Beautiful sets. While you're there, you may also be interested in visiting the charities page. Borghese is also sold at various online sites and "live" at bloomingdales.


Borghese will be having their One Day Sale on Wednesday December 16. For 24 hours, Borghese will be offering 30% off any web purchase to registered users only. To get the code, simply sign up to become a registered user of Borghese. The promo code will be sent out to all registered users on Tuesday, December 15th.

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