Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Skin Healers from Dr. David Bank

For those of you in the thick of holiday madness, here are some great tips from the author of "Beautiful Skin – Every Woman's Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age." Take a look…

Holiday Skin Healers

The holidays are a time for caroling, presents, gathering with loved ones and of course eating, drinking, celebrating too. All of this equals too little sleep, tons of exposure to cold weather for some and too much sun on tropical vacations for a few others. Between running around in the harsh weather, coming and going from parties, cooking, cleaning, and shopping, one can easily begin to slack on their daily beauty regimen leaving their skin to pay the price.

With these easy skincare tips from the foremost expert in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery and author of Beautiful Skin – Every Woman’s Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age, Dr. David E. Bank, you can heal your skin from post-holiday blues and recover that radiant glow for the rest of winter.

Dark Under–Eye Circles: Lack of sleep and too much alcohol has the greatest effect on the skin around the eyes, because the skin is so delicate. Broken blood vessels, which occur with inadequate amounts of sleep and late night partying, tend to show up more severely in that area leaving the skin looking tired and haggard. The quick trick is of course a good concealer but for a more long lasting treatment you should head to your dermatologist. Depending on your holiday skin problem, there is a fix. “For broken blood vessels due to sleepless nights opt for a v-beam laser and for shadowing around the eyes go with a filler to help fill in lost volume.” Dr. Bank also notes that “The effect of a good night sleep should never be underestimated.”

Puffy Face: Alcohol, salty foods, and little sleep may make for a great party but this combination can be toxic to ones skin causing puffiness to the eyes and face. “Alcohol, a salty diet and a thrown off body clock from lack of sleep are all culprits in water retention which causes swelling,” says Dr. Bank. “But it’s easy to combat puffiness by applying a cold compress with milk or tea bags with green tea for antioxidants or preparation H on your eyes for just a few minutes and by making sure you are keeping yourself fully hydrated with water.”

Dull Dry Skin: According to Dr. Bank, “Winter’s cold and the inside heat dry out skin. In order to restore lost moisture and regain that pre-holiday glow it’s important to switch your moisturizer to a stronger version and make sure that you exfoliate more often.” This will help rid the dry skin cells and keep your skin looking fresh and new. “Another way to fight dry skin is to take faster showers rather than long steaming baths and remember to moisturize your damp skin immediately when you get out to lock in the moisture.”

Post- Party Pimples: Whether you have a hectic schedule interfering with your daily beauty routine or the stress of the holidays has caused your hormones to ignite, post-holiday break-outs are common and treatable. Getting into the habit of washing your face daily is highly recommended. Dr. Bank suggests finding a product with benzoyl peroxide or salycic acid for more sensitive skin and applying directly to the affected area.

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