Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musings: Davines DEDE Conditioner (review)

We interrupt this blog for a panic attack: Oh my goodness, it's Monday already! And it's afternoon already! And I get on a plane the day after tomorrow and I'm not even remotely ready! And I haven't finished my shopping! And! And! And!

Whew. Okay. All done. Just needed to have my little moment there. Thank goodness I have a nice opportunity to stop my worrying and talk about pretty things that make me forget that…oh, I'm just not even going to mention what I'm trying to forget. But since I'm feeling a little…stressed…I am going to cleverly (and by cleverly, I probably mean cornily) tie in to today's product. It's for hair. Hair that is stressed. (See how I did that?). Today's cure for stress comes from the sustainable and socially minded people at Davines.

Blurb: Davines DEDE Conditioner Delicate Replenishing Leave-in Mist is specially formulated for fine, stressed hair that tends to lose its volume and body. This powerful yet delicate dual-action spray conditions and strengthens fine, dry hair while infusing a layer of anti-oxidant protection without weighing the hair down. Featuring Grape Extract for strength and protection and Panthenol for moisture and conditioning, a few sprays are all you need to leave your strands with a silky soft finish and a healthy shine. DEDE Leave-in Mist is also the perfect foundation to any chemical treatment, providing a smooth, base of hair by evening out the hairs porosity. Effective yet gentle enough for everyday, you’ll love the softness you get from Davines DEDE Conditioner Mist.

Even though my hair isn't exactly fine, I decided to check this out. In the dry weather, my hair tends to start acting very strangely; so it's fun to try things out and see what happens. When the weather is extra dry (like it has been all weekend), sometimes my hair won't even curl very much…and I'll even get flyaways. And instead of shine, it tends to just sit there and look flat. I misted the leave-in on my damp hair and worked it through…and was really pleased with the results. My hair got much softer, got a little more curl to it and the flyaways were gone. I was also really surprised to see some nice shine. I imagine that if you have fine hair, this would be amazing. It didn't seem to weigh my hair down at all either.

Besides making fabulous hair care products, Davines is also dedicated to manufacturing their products in a responsible and sustainable way. They pay close attention to balancing style, spirit, science and nature. Check out some of the things they have to say about this on their website. You can also purchase their products at their salons and sites like Amazon, StyleBell, and Folica.

Oh I almost forgot...Happy Winter Solstice!


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