Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May is National Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

You know I don't need any kind of special month to yammer on about the importance of sun protection. But my obsession aside; you will be your prettiest and healthiest if you take care of and protect your largest organ (skin).

To tempt you into fine skin stewardship, here is some product info I received about fabulous products to protect and prettify (all under $30). There are also some skin cancer facts to promote health awareness. Start reading (and take notes)…

Sun Protection Facts

Skin is the body’s largest organ. It protects again heat, sunlight, injury and infection. It also helps control body temperature, stores water and fat and produces vitamin D. Cancer of the skin is the most common of all cancers.

Skin Cancer Facts:

· The American Cancer Society estimated that 62,720 men and women were diagnosed and 8,650 men and women died from melanoma in 2009

· Approximately 91.4% of people diagnosed with melanoma live at least five years – early detection is important!

Skin Protection Facts:

· The best way to lower the risk of skin cancer is to limit exposure to the sun

· For sun-exposed areas, sunscreens with an SPF 15 or higher and sunglasses should be used

· Protection is equally important during childhood, since severe sunburns in childhood may be associated with an increased risk of melanoma later in life

Products That Aid in Prevention:

California Baby Everyday/Year Round SPF 30+ Sunblock Stick: Pop this convenient PABA free, non-chemical sunblock stick into your pocket, purse or diaper bag. The whole family will love this easy-to-use stick that gives those "hot spots" a boost of extra protection. California Baby non-chemical sunblock stick employs a highly micronized, non-whitening titanium dioxide that scatters and reflects dangerous UV rays, offering UVA-UVB broad-spectrum protection. Non-staining formula. It glides on smoothly for easy application. May be used in combination with SPF30+ sunscreen lotions., Target and Wholefoods

Korres WATERMELON Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30: Ideal for photosensitive complexions, this lightweight, oil-free foundation cream imparts a radiant, tanned look and provides broad-spectrum sun protection. The formula delivers uniform color and medium coverage with a fresh and smooth texture, while allowing the skin to breathe. Watermelon extract, rich in naturally occurring vitamins, carbohydrates and amino acids, prevents photo-aging and decreases erythema. At the same time, the extracts of Vanilla and Curcuma longa provide essential antioxidant protection. AVAILABLE SHADES: Light Sand, Medium Honey, Dark Tan.

Miss Oops Goblet Goop: Sunshine doesn't stop when it reaches your neck- neither should your sunscreen. A moisturizing and firming neck cream, Goblet Goop protects and firms the delicate skin of the neck with SPF 30, algae, yeast, rosemary and Echinacea extracts, helping skin retain moisture while enhancing firmness and promoting collagen. Protect your goblet and keep the dreaded turkey neck at bay with Goblet Goop.

Surv-Vival Natural SPF 30+ SunBlock: has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection formulated with Zinc oxide (5%) and titanium dioxide (7%) and fortified with green tea extract, pro-vitamin B5, C and Vitamin E. 4 oz. This SPF sunscreen is sweat resistant, water resistant, won't sting your eyes and is chemical free and paraben free. This is the best sunscreen for your body and it is environmentally friendly! Made in USA. 4 oz.

Burt’s Bees Sun-Protecting Lip Balm SPF 8: This all-natural balm provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and helps keep lips hydrated without using chemical sunscreen actives like octinoxate and oxybenzone. Instead, titanium dioxide, a naturally-occurring mineral creates a micro-fine barrier to reflect the sun's harmful rays. Meanwhile, passionfruit extract soothes, nourishes and rejuvenates lips so they're soft and healthy even after the sun goes down.

So Cozy Protective Conditioning Mist: A breakthrough in hair protection. So Cozy, introduces an innovative, multi-tasking essential to protect kids’ hair and scalp from harmful UVA and UVB rays: So Cozy Protective Conditioning Mist With Sunscreen. The revolutionary formula is designed to help parents shield their children’s delicate hair and scalp from the harsh effects of the sun all summer long.

Davines SU Sun Protective Moisturizing Crème: To care for the well-being of hair exposed to the sun, salt water and chlorine, Davines sourced ingredients with powerful protective, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. This lightweight, non-greasy cream-gel provides hair with ultimate hydration. Consisting of powerful anti-oxidants, the formula creates a protective film that shield hair from UV rays and environmental pollution.

Of course, the best form of sun protect is to stay out of the sun! To achieve that healthy glow without compromising your skin there is:

Jergens natural glow REVITALIZING Daily Moisturizer: Your favorite gradual, glow moisturizer was just upgraded this spring –it now contains 50% more antioxidants and last 2x’s longer! Moisturize into an invigorated glow. Jergens® natural glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer delivers fabulous natural-looking color gradually that lasts twice as long as the leading lotion sunless tanner and infuses your skin with a blend of effective moisturizers, antioxidants and Vitamin E to keep it looking healthy. Also, 30 Rock star, Jane Krakowski has teamed up with Jergens skincare to help raise money for The Skin Cancer Foundation and help women get “In the Glow” when it comes to tanning. Now through the end of summer, log onto to view a video she created for the cause that you can forward onto friends—every time the video is viewed, Jergens will donate $1 to The Skin Cancer Foundation!

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