Thursday, May 13, 2010

Same World, New Eyes: Bobbi Brown Corrector and Creamy Concealer Kit (review)

Before I officially caught my cold on the weekend, I happened to be passing through bloomingdales (don't judge me, it's between the parking lot and Sephora). As luck would have it, they were hosting a "Pretty Powerful" event over at the Bobbi Brown counter. So in my tireless pursuit of good blogging; I made an appointment for a makeover, went to Sephora for an hour, and then hopped into a makeup chair.


Blurb: For very dark circles and extra coverage, Bobbi's secret is her Correctors. Use daily or just when you need extra coverage. Designed to be layered under your yellow-based Creamy Concealer shade, Correctors come in a range of twelve Bisque and Peach shades.

Creamy Concealer Kit

Blurb: Bobbi's secret to the beauty universe. This kit includes Creamy Concealer on top & Sheer Finish Loose Powder on bottom to set concealer for long-lasting wear. For smooth, even application, start by moisturizing undereye area with eye cream. Then, apply concealer up to the lashline & into the inner corner of the eye using the Concealer Brush. Smooth & blend by gently patting with the pads of your fingers. Set with the coordinating powder.

To begin with, these events are incredibly fun. I got a consultation and fabulous makeover by one of the amazing Bobbi Brown makeup artists (Marina). Marina explained every step as she went along, and answered all of my questions. She also made lots of suggestions. And I'm glad she did. I went in there wanting to try all of the new, pretty colors and wasn't the least bit interested in the other stuff. However, she noticed my puffy, dark (pre-cold) under-eye area and said that she could really make a difference with just a couple of products. Even though I was more interested in the shadows and liners, I let her have her way.

What a difference! She first applied the corrector under my eyes and blended slightly. Then she added the creamy concealer with a brush and set the whole thing with the powder. It took about two or three minutes and the difference was astonishing. The dark circles were invisible, and the puffiness was barely noticeable. I watched another makeup artist do the same for someone else; and the results were just as dramatic.

Today I'm lacking in sleep. I've also been sniffling from all the pollen flying around. No worries, this corrector/concealer duo is working beautifully (cause some home). They're simple to use and make an incredible difference. If you can get to one of these events, I highly recommend you let one of the artists give you a how-to. Even if there isn't an event, you might want to visit your nearest Bobbi Brown counter and have someone help you select the corrector/concealer shades and show you how to apply them. Totally, totally worth it!

And of course, you can check out all the other delightful, irresistible items right this minute on the website. You can find a store/event locator and even check out some of the cool videos. And right now there's free shipping with any order (enter code: lipshine). To experience Bobbi Brown "live," visit places like bloomingdales, Nordstrom and Blue Mercury.

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