Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get Your Glow On: Per-fékt Body Perfection Gel (review)

Today I happen to be glowing a bit. After a busy Monday; I went home, did a few household things, then spent the evening relaxing with a book and refreshing beverage. This morning I woke up all happy and rested, and felt like everyone was my new best friend.

Of course even the most relaxing of evenings can't add a glow to my pale arms and legs. Since I avoid the sun; I look shockingly pale the minute I start sporting bare-legged, bare-shouldered looks. I'm sure the rest of you are noticing something similar as you shed the sweaters and tights. Yes? Well it just so happens I came across a lovely item from per-fékt Beauty.

Body Perfection Gel

Blurb: A skin perfector that instantly per-fekts and enhances the appearance of the body offering an easy alternative to traditional bronzer, self tanner, the sun…even panty hose! This multi-tasking, modern gel-mousse glides on effortlessly to instantly help reduce the appearance of dry skin, uneven skin tone, redness, rough skin, self tanner streaks, varicose veins …and stretch marks. Body Perfection Gel provides natural buildable coverage and leaves the skin with a smooth airbrushed and sunkissed glow.

Here's another product that manages to be both glamorous and useful. Pat it on anywhere for some shimmer and/or color. The lighter shade tends to add more shimmer than color, and the darkest (exotic) acts as a nice bronzer. I chose golden for my ghostly calves and was thrilled. It also looked lovely on my shoulders and décolletage. I got subtle, golden color with a slight flattering shimmer. It also had a bit of a smoothing effect. What finally sold me was the fact that it moisturized slightly, stayed put, and didn't rub off on my clothing. Ergo…my "glowing" review (I'm so very very sorry for that one, but I couldn't resist).

Check out all of the other skin-flattering items on their website. They offer free shipping and free samples (I think there's even a free gift with $100 purchase offer going on). You can also find per-fékt at Sephora, Beauty.com and HSN.

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