Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eye Feel Stylish (and Thrifty): Stýli-Style Eye Pencils (review)

Ever since vowing to be more careful with my 2010 beauty spending; I have found tons of great values. There are many excellent products these days that have high-end quality at reasonable prices. I was talking to my friend (beauty maven, Nancy), and she made yet another fabulous suggestion. So thanks to Nancy, today is all about fabulous eye-tems from Stýli-Style.

Flat Eye Pencil

Blurb: Use the edge of the eye pencil for that ultimate Kajal look. Styli Style will change the way cosmetic pencils are used forever! The Flat Pencil provides both thick and thin performance in one unique pencil. Ingenious design provides breakthrough improvements to every pencil use. More precise lining and maximum control for shading, blending and application.

Sharpener - Flat Pencil (made especially for the flat pencil)

Line & Seal - Eyes

Glitter Lid Liner

I picked up a whole handful of these and was thrilled with every single one of them. The color went on smoothly, was highly saturated, and stayed put all day long. I especially loved using the Flat Eye Pencil. (I still can't figure out how that cool sharpener works – but it does.) What makes this a really fabulous brand is the huge array of colors to choose from. Great shades from subtle to edgy – all priced reasonably enough for lots of experimentation (I paid about $5 for each at CVS). All of the shades/formulas I tried worked well as both liners and shadows.

You can visit the website and check out all the colors. There are also some fab looking lip products worth a look-see. Check out the Stýli Steals section for great bargains. You can shop online or use the Store Locator to find one of the many drugstores that carry their products.

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