Thursday, May 27, 2010

Green, Girly and Rad! Surv-Vival Natural SPF 30+ SunBlock (review)

You must know by now that I can't let a holiday weekend go by without discussing sun protection. My passion for sunscreen is second only to my obsession with eye liner (and sunscreen is about one gazillion times more important). Luckily, the huge selection of sun protection products mean that there is probably something exactly right for you (or even several somethings). Today's selection is from a fabulous company called Smart Girls Who Surf.

Surv-Vival Natural SPF 30+ SunBlock

Blurb: Our sunscreen has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protectionformulated with Zinc oxide (5%) and titanium dioxide (7%) and fortified with green tea extract, pro-vitamin B5, C and Vitamin E. This SPF sunscreen is sweat resistant, water resistant, won't sting your eyes and is chemical free and paraben free. This is the best sunscreen for your body and it is environmentally friendly!

Smart Girls Who Surf is a natural skin care company in Southern California. They're committed to making earth-friendly skincare products that take care of both our skin and our planet. Their sunblocks, lotions, conditioners and soaps are designed to keep parabens and chemicals away from skin and the environment.

I've been looking for a good heavy duty sunscreen for a while now (for activities a little more vigorous than shopping.) Something I can wear to the beach that looks great, takes care of my skin, and holds up to water and/or vigorous activity. This one is excellent! It's formulated for surfers (and surfer tested), so it's made to hold up and stay put. I found the formula creamy and soothing (it contains aloe vera, glycerin, and palm oil). It was absolutely water and sweat resistant (I wasn't at the beach, so I tried it in the shower), and it didn't irritate my skin or sting my eyes. It's also formulated with my favorite "big 2" top notch barrier sun screens (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide). It even has a great beachy fragrance!

Smart Girls' products are skin friendly, planet friendly and super girl friendly. To read more about them and their products, visit the website. You can check out the Team Riders, read their blog or investigate retail locations near you!.

Happy Thursday!

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