Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Moroccanoil® Oil Treatment (review)

I'm happy to report that the first 6 weeks of growing out my hair have been very successful. Successful because my hair is…longer. Which isn't such a huge achievement, since I haven't had a haircut. But it's also successful because I'm having a whole lot of fun researching and trying out new hair care products. Getting longer hair is cool; but a new obsession is just plain awesome.

During my research, I kept coming across raves for an amazing brand: Moroccanoil. I've heard nothing but great things about them; and now I'm getting around to trying out some of the actual products!

The Original Moroccanoil® Oil Treatment

Blurb: An oil treatment for all hair types. Moroccan Oil is alcohol-free and has a patented weightless formula with no build up. Softens thick unmanageable hair and restores shine and softness to dull lifeless hair. Instantly absorbed into the hair, this trademarked product eliminates frizz, speeds up styling time by 40%, and provides long-term conditioning to all hair types. Moroccan Oil contains a unique formula that strengthens brittle hair while promoting healing to the hair. Also provides nourishment to hair damaged by coloring and styling. Creates an optimal balance for the hair and scalp. Moroccanoil nourishes the scalp by alleviating itchy, dry scalps. Protects against UV damage and other environmental factors.

I'm starting with the original. The whole MO raison d'etre. (Ooh, maybe I should call today "Fancy French Words Friday"…No I shouldn't. Sorry.)

Anyway…I totally get why everyone raves about this stuff! Moroccanoil is the originator of argan oil hair products, and they have gotten it absolutely right. We've had two days of wretched my-hair-hates-you humid weather; and this Treatment has tamed every smidgen of frizz. The curls look curly (vs. fuzzy) and my hair is shiny, pretty and manageable. It also feels really soft – but not oily or greasy at all.

I worked a very small amount through my damp hair and let it dry. That's it. It absorbed immediately and really did seem to help my hair dry a little bit faster. I especially love the way my ends look. I'm also thrilled that it protects against UV damage and nourishes the strands. And I can't wait to try this in conjunction with my coloring products!

Mosey on over to their website and take a look at all of the cool stuff. Morocconoil is the leading manufacturer of argan oil products, so they have a dizzying array of treats. You can also check out their special promotions, events or locate a salon.

Happy Friday (and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend)!


  1. I use it. It 's a good treatment for dry hair.

  2. It really does make a difference - I wish I had started using it in the winter when everything was so dry and static-ey.