Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Find! Sephora Limited Edition Magic Lip Gloss Palette (review)

Every now and then when I'm in Sephora, some pretty thing from the Sephora brand catches my eye and I have to have it. And each time I've brought something home, I've been a happy camper. Here's another good one.

Limited Edition Magic Lip Gloss Palette

Blurb: A six-shade array of glittering glosses. Perfect your pout with this versatile ensemble. It makes a pretty present for your favorite glam girl, and yourself! This set contains an application brush and 6 glosses in Brown, Gold, Silver, Pink, Cherry, and Berry.

This was sitting in those little bins where you line up to pay for purchases. It's definitely an impulse item. And I impulsively bought one because the line was long and I had plenty of time to realize it was just too adorable to pass up. Normally, I'd shake my fist at such nefarious marketing strategies; but my fist has been busy applying gloss to my lips.

I love this palette – and it's TEN DOLLARS. For all six shades. For all six shades, a little brush and a case with a mirror. There's a generous amount of each color and the whole thing snaps shut and fits ever so perfectly in even the tiniest of bags. Or a little pocket. Or the glove compartment, desk drawer, cell phone case, etc. The formula is long wearing and the colors are pretty and versatile. What I especially love is that a sheer Silver and a sheer Gold are included – they look great layered over just about anything. A couple of times I've left the house wearing a matte lip stain, and then just touched up with a bit of silver or gold throughout the evening.

This is one of those thoroughly useful, fun splurges for your pocketbook (that won't create too much of a dent in said pocketbook). They also make thoughtful little gifts.

If you tell me you've never visited the Sephora website, I won't believe you. There's always a great reason to visit – but be sure to check out the Weekly Specials and the sale section.

Happy Monday!

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