Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Lesson in Beauty Junkie Logic: NARS Liquid Eyeliner (review)

I’m starting to get that terrible empty feeling. It’s been weeks since I've reviewed an eyeliner…and months since I've reviewed something from NARS. Let’s fix that now!

Liquid Eyeliner (in "Shake Down")

Blurb: Long wearing color in a cream base that allows for effortless application and ultimate control. Provides intense color for precision lining, blending or a lash thickening effect. Small, easy-to-use brush included.

Once again while shopping for beauty products, I was faced with a terrible task. How can I justify buying yet another eyeliner when I have a whole vanity full of perfectly fabulous liners at home? This is when beauty junkie logic becomes very useful. If I buy a formula/color/brand that I don’t already have, I’m not being extravagant. I’m merely exploring. Learning. Furthering my beauty education so that I can generously share with others. (Cue poignant music.)

Seriously…BeautyTicket.com had these liners at a steal so I whipped out my card and snapped one up (I also got a few other goodies that I “needed”).

I got to try this liner at a fabulous price; but I would pay full price in a heartbeat. For starters, I love the color. “Shake Down” is a soft burgundy that’s pretty and modern, yet very wearable. It works like a neutral and the reds and browns make it very flattering.

The formula is stellar! It’s soft and creamy out of the bottle. It’s definitely a liquid liner; but it’s a little bit thicker than usual in consistency – which makes it easy to apply. It goes on smoothly, covers well, has a bit of “blend” time, then sets and stays put. I applied it first thing in the morning on a summer day; and it still looked great at six o’clock. What makes this liner really stand out, though, is the velvety finish – it’s lovely (and very forgiving to tiny lines).

The other available colors are “Angel Heart” (black) and “Showgirl” (gold lamé). The brush (included) worked very well. Check out the awesome NARS website and have a look a the other shades. And don’t forget to take a look at the new Fall 2010 Collection or the hot 15 x 15 page. NARS is also available at Sephora, beauty.com, and department stores like bloomingdales and Saks.
(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)


  1. I love how we 'rationalize' our beauty purchases. I call it Research. LOL. This looks great!

  2. Lol..."research" is awesome. You have very advanced beauty junkie logic powers!