Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Equal Time: Blondes

The folks at Privé (makers of hair fabulousness) have some great tips for those you fair-haired girls! Take a look…

Blondes Have More Fun In The Sun....
But Beware, The Summer Sun Isn't Fun For Those That Are Fair

We all lather on sunscreen to protect our skin when we're out basking in the sun over summer but did you know without proper protection for your hair, you're at risk of sun damage as well? Just like fair skin, blondes are at higher risk of major hair sun damage if they don't take extra precaution.

"Blonde hair tends to become dull, dry and lose vibrancy quickly from exposure to harsh elements such as sun or salt water," says Erick Orellana, colorist and "blonde expert" at Privé Salon Los Angeles. "Fortunately I've discovered many simple and easy steps one can take to help prevent damage during the intense summer months."

Look for a Spray with UV filters and protectants to prevent moisture loss and color fading caused from sun rays, like Privé's Flash Brilliance, which protects hair from UV damage. Make sure to apply all over before hitting the sun to give your hair full strength protection from the rays.

MASTER TIP BEFORE YOU DIP: Swimming in chlorinated water is a big concern for blondes as the water has the tendency to turn blonde locks into shades of green. Add extra protection to your hair before taking a dip by mixing a combination of water with a leave-in conditioner like Privé's Leave-in Treatment. Mix in a small spritzer bottle you can tote in your beach bag and spray on hair while lounging poolside to minimize the absorption of damaging chemicals in chlorinated water.

GLOSS IT UP: A gloss treatment post highlights or coloring session will seal in color and tone by creating a protective layer over the hair adding moisture and shine. Adding moisture to blonde hair in the summer is important to keep it from drying in the sun and heat which ultimately makes hair look dull and straw-like.

HOME CARE: Even after taking steps to prevent damage and protect hair an at-home treatment like a mask or oil treatment is a must for blondes to help restore hair. Privé's Intensive Mask works wonders and is easy to use in the comfort of your own home. Apply all over hair and leave on anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour before shampooing. This will repair your hair, replenish moisture and add shine to beautiful blonde locks.

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