Friday, July 9, 2010

Hair Care Friday: Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment (review)

Just a warning: I am all out of snappy repartee! Not that I had a ton of it to begin with this week; but whatever there was has been used up. I can't even think of a corny tie-in. Which means today you're getting just a straight up review. Which isn't such a bad thing - especially if I'm reviewing a straight up excellent product from Sebastian.

Potion 9 Wearable Treatment

Blurb: what you wear begins with your hair. What's on your body - the most comfortable thing you own. What's in your hair - POTION 9 wearable treatment. It makes your hair comfortable, lived in. Stylish. The only wearable treatment with nine ingredients to help repair damaged hair while building in style. Anytime. Anywhere. Anybody. Pure magic.

I put up two photos because this item was recently repackaged. Right now you can still find it in the old tube or the new white pump.

Whatever the packaging; this is one of those "go to" hair care items everyone should have. I like to comb it through my hair while it's still wet and let it sit for a few minutes. Afterwards, I either air dry or style. It not only works like a great leave-in to make my hair soft and manageable – it also repairs hair over time. It won't magically put a split-end back together, but it has cumulative softening, conditioning and protecting effects. My hair actually feels softer and more resilient since I started using this on a regular basis!

I got pretty lucky and found a giant stash (old packaging) at TJMaxx. I'm guessing Marshall's may have some too (since they often have the same products). I got four tubes at about a third of the price – so you may want to take a look if there's one of these stores in your area.

You can't buy from the website, but Sebastian Hair Care products are sold at salons, drugstores and even a few grocery stores. The site even has a salon locator.

Okay…I think that was the last of my vocabulary - have a great weekend!
(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)


  1. There are some products that have to be collected only from salons.It is sometimes a pain but that is the way it works.Thanks for the review here.

  2. True! (BTW - your lipsticks look gorgeous!)

  3. I was looking for a review of this product and found yours - totally anxious to try it now! By the way, I found it online here