Thursday, July 1, 2010

From the Awesome Files: Skindinävia Makeup Finishing Spray (review)

This is how much I care. I actually went to a BBQ last weekend just so I could check out a new product. That's right - I'm so devoted to beauty that I forced myself to attend a lovely BBQ, and eat delicious burgers, brisket, snacks and desserts! I also talked and laughed with fun people. Cuz I'm a giver. (Okay, maybe I would have gone anyway…but we'll never really know.)

So what kind of product merits a sacrifice like that? Something good (real good!) from Skindinävia.

Makeup Finishing Spray

Blurb: Our award winning line fixes common makeup issues like melting, smudging, clumping, fading, and creasing. Our award winning products have been featured on TV, in major fashion magazines, and runways everywhere. Formulated by a nationally recognized female cosmetic chemist, Skindinävia focuses on makeup friendly products that are light, allergy free, and long lasting. Award winning lightweight spray extends makeup wear and quality for hours. Keep makeup fresh all day long avoiding melting, smudging, smearing, and creasing in any weather.

Just go get some! I'm thinking of getting a second bottle and keeping it in my theatre bag. Because it works. It does exactly what it promises – and does it really well. Last Saturday (before the BBQ), I finished applying my makeup (except for mascara), shook the bottle, then spritzed it over my face and let it dry. Then I applied mascara and headed out the door.

The finish was slightly dewey (very pretty); and I couldn't even feel it on my skin once it dried - frankly, I wasn't so sure it was working. But every time I checked my makeup, it looked just fine. And at the end of a long afternoon in the heat and humidity, everything was right where I left it! Needless to say, it also does its job when I'm not at a barbecue. I even tried a bit more over my lipstick and was astounded at how much longer it stayed put! This stuff is amazing!

You can read more about this spray (and their other products) on the website. And right now you can get a free pocket sized "No More Shine" and "10 Years Younger" with a purchase of $50 or more. Skindinävia is also sold at and

Happy July!
(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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