Monday, January 25, 2010

Primed for the Week: Age Intervention® Prime Face Primer by Jan Marini (review)

I could not WAIT to try this out after I read about the launch! Check out the latest from Jan Marini!

New Age Intervention® Prime Face Primer by Jan Marini

Blurb: Gives facial skin an immediate “airbrushed” effect while providing remarkable rejuvenation benefits. Age Intervention Prime features an innovative and proprietary formula that includes newly developed topical agents that target elasticity, skin volume, inflammation and wrinkling to deliver extraordinary results. Age Intervention Prime instantly perfects the skin and provides a radiant plumped and refined surface. Prime can be worn with foundation for an incredibly smooth and flawless long-wearing finish. Even without foundation, skin looks polished and beautifully reflective while pores and imperfections are minimized.

Age Intervention Prime also delivers a potent combination of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory technologies that dramatically lessen the appearance of many aging skin flaws. Skin looks and feels younger from the first application and results are progressively more noticeable with continued use.

So this is pretty much the best of both worlds. As a primer, it's completely awesome in the short term. It plumped my skin slightly, hid my pores and made my complexion look super smooth. My foundation glided over it and looked flawless. And it's got amazing things to take care of your skin over the long term: powerful antioxidants, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and extracts of pomegranate, red, white and green tea (there's a bunch of other amazing stuff too that wouldn't fit in this sentence).

If you're a Jan Marini fan, you will love adding this to your regimen; and if you're new to Jan Marini, this would be a great product to start with.

Take a good browse on the website. There's even a bit of fun stuff from Cher (sharing her beauty secrets). You can also find Jan Marini products on line at places like SkinStore and DermStore.


  1. Hi, tried different primer, this one does not have an spf, another product to add on daily routine. By the way, do you get paid to review products?

  2. Hi back. No this primer doesn't have an spf, but that's no big deal for me - especially since I generally use a primer in the evenings.

    lol...I WISH I got paid to review products! (But no, I don't.)