Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eye Feel Pretty

They say the best way to start a blog is to just start a blog. Sooooo…here I go with my very first blog entry/review ever. And it seems only fitting that this post be about the product that started me back on the road to beauty junkie-dom: Estēe Lauder Lash Primer Plus.

My super fashionista friend, Nancy, and I went to a trend show (at Nordstrom) and Estēe Lauder had a fabulous GWP. Super fashionista friend (Nancy) told me that I just HAD to get their lash primer. Now at the time I hardly ever wore makeup and lash primer sounded to me like some fussy, time/money-consuming thing that I didn't need. I may have even scoffed. But Nancy is persuasive and I really wanted the GWP, so I bought a tube.

Woweee! HG would not be the adequate description since I didn't even know I was looking for this. I will just say "Woweeee!" again. This stuff makes any mascara go on more evenly and easily. Even better, my mascara stays put. No more flaking or smudging. But wait, there's more! This primer actually conditions my lashes (even under waterproof mascara). Before primer plus: my long lashes tended to dry out and break (creating a weird multi-length look). Now - no more breakage. And because of that my lashes actually are longer because they grow out fully.

After trying this out I realized: "Hey, I can wear mascara every day!" This led to other things such as: "Hey, some eye shadow would look really great with my long, conditioned lashes!" And, "I wonder if I should get the eyeliner palette?" You get the picture.

I've tried a couple of other primers since and none of them even come CLOSE to Estēe Lauder's. This stuff does what it says it does. Nuff said.

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