Saturday, May 2, 2009

Get thee to a Bloggery!

Tomorrow is the final performance of the show I’m in - Dialogues des Carmelites. It's the story of a group of Carmelite nuns during the French Revolution. The ending is beautiful, haunting and tragic. My character dies early on, but very dramatically (after singing for a really long time of course). This is an amazing opera, but not for the faint of heart.

So now that I've shamelessly plugged my show, I will gracefully transition into my beauty recommendation: the yummy products from the French-based skin care company, Le Couvent des Minimes (Translation: The Convent of the Minimes). Get it? Convent? France? Oh yeah, I'm on today.

Blurb: Le couvent des Minimes was founded in 1613 in Provence, France by the Marquis Forbin de Janson. Le Couvent des Minimes product recipes follow the traditions of the Sisters of the Convent and combine over 50 natural ingredients. These ingredients are carefully blended to create effective skincare products.

For you springtime gardeners (or anyone in need of delightful hand softening), their Gardener's Hand Healer is amazing. Supposedly created by the nuns to protect their hands while gardening, it's a rich hand cream with 20% shea butter and seven "Magical Plants." (I can't say for sure about any magical plants, but this cream just plain works.) It feels beautiful, and softens and protects without being greasy. And the fragrance (lemon verbena) is dreamy. Their line also includes lovely body balms, soaps, bath salts, etc.

Next on my list to try is their Verbena & Lemon Hydrating Body Sorbet.

I won’t actually post the video of the last scene in the opera I mentioned because it’s too much of a downer for a beauty website. But if you need a reason to cry your eyes out:


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