Thursday, May 21, 2009

ESS-PEA-EFF Part 3: Hard Core Sunshine

This is for those of you who may be encountering HARD CORE SUNSHINE this weekend. Events like outdoor weddings, barbecues, parties, first dates, etc. Places where you need extra protection, but still want to look great.

Cover FX Skin Tint FX Moisturizing Treatment & Tint (SPF 30)

Blurb: Achieve a healthy and natural looking sunkissed glow. Enhance your natural skintone with warm shades that are highlighted with pearlized minerals. The oil-free, paraben-free, and water resistant formula was designed to be long wearing and moisturizing to the skin. Contains skin repairing ingredients and anti-aging skin firming and anti-wrinkle technology.
The reason I included it in today's post (instead of yesterday's tinted moisturizer post) is that it has an especially high SPF (zinc-oxide based). And because of the sheer tint, you can blot and re-apply throughout the day without having to take off of your makeup and start over. It has nourishing minerals, it's oil free, fragrance free, paraben-free and cruelty free. The formula is a little different from most. It has a thin liquid consistency and comes out of the bottle looking dark, but the finish is sheer and glowy – it even has a little bit of a bronzing effect. I also love that it's non-comedogenic, water resistant, extremely gentle and non-irritating. This is one of the handiest products to have around when you're going to spend a lot of time in the sun and want to stay pretty.

UV Natural Sunscreen SPF 30+ Adult
Blurb: UV Natural was created for those concerned with the toxicity of chemicals used in cosmetics, in particular those in sunscreens. It is uniquely formulated to apply like a moisturizer. Blended with extracts that nourish the skin, UV Natural incorporates the cutting edge in zinc oxide formulations that is so revolutionary it destroys the old myths about what is possible and what isn't with zinc. This sunscreen doesn’t leave your skin white and pasty like other zinc formulations, and you don’t need to “double up” on your sunscreen--one tube does both the body and the face. Not tested on animals.

I love this a whole lot! It's an awesome sunscreen for anyone who really wants to stick to natural, zinc-oxide based protection. It has a high percentage of zinc-oxide, but doesn't leave a white cast. It's fragrance-free, preservative free and has never ever irritated my skin. It's moisturizing, but doesn't clog my pores or cause break outs. It also stands up well to perspiration. And a little bit truly does go a long way. This sunscreen has a lot of "slip" and really needs to be rubbed in well. UV Natural's moisturizing properties make it especially ideal for dry conditions. And like the blurb says, it's great for both body and face.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Cream SPF 60

Blurb: Patented sunscreen MEXORYL XL and MEXORYL SX has been rigorously formulated to ensure a high level of protection from the harmful sun rays. The patented filter system in this formula provides an excellent protection against UVA and UVB. Regular use of this product over the years may help reduce the chance of premature aging of the skin. Fluid and easy to apply, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested and fragrance free.
The blurb says it all -- this is big, bad, broad spectrum, über protection! When you need a hefty boost of SPF, this is your product. It goes on smoothly, is truly makeup-friendly and doesn't cause breakouts. No white cast and no fragrance or anything to cause irritation. AND my dermatologist gives it a great big thumbs up.

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