Thursday, May 28, 2009

Even though I'm Gone...You Can 'stila' Read On!

Okay, so I guess all this travel preparation is making me a little goofy. Hopefully I'll be back to my normal, sane(ish) self on Monday. In the meantime…

We've definitely got our stila back and the Indian Summer 24k Gold Collection is now live on their website!

This collection is infused with luxurious, glamorous (and let's not forget sparkly!) 24k gold. I'm "eyeing" (sorry for the pun) the smudge pot eyeliner in "golden noire". Smudge pots are awesome eyeliners (I'm partial to bronze), and this new color is a matte black with 24k gold flakes. Gold! Flakes! Woo hoo!
The new charmed eye shadow palette looks pretty darn gorgeous too.
Go! Check out the sparkliness at a computer near you!

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