Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Avon Calling – The Sequel

As I mentioned before, I have been trying out a whole slew of Avon skincare products lately. Although I only recently started checking out their skincare; Avon has always had a special place in my heart. I have vague memories of the Avon Lady visiting my mother, and crystal clear memories of the Avon catalogues. And remember those decanters? My sister and I were crazy for those. I think she still may have one or two of them.

Anyway, as I also mentioned before; I've been taking a look at Avon's vast website and realizing that this is not the Avon of old. It seems like they have developed new lines and products for everyone. This week I'm reviewing two products from their liiv Botanicals brand. This botanical-based skincare is part of their "wellness" division, which also includes "Planet Spa" and "Curves." Here's a little info on the 2 items I tried:

Item #1: liiv botanicals Vitalizing Face Serum

Blurb: Plant Essence Technology™ - Customized with a unique revitalizing blend of one or more active plant extracts, including flax seed oil, green tea, portulaca, fennel and crape myrtle.

Item #2: liiv botanicals Vital Night Moisturizer
Blurb: What's our secret? Potent formulas enriched with powerful botanicals...dye-free and preservative-free to breathe new life into your skin. Recharge skin at night with rich botanicals and rejuvenate skin’s texture and tone.

Both products seem to really agree with my oily, sensitive skin; but I think my favorite of the two is the serum. To begin with, the consistency is slightly more gel-like (= easier to apply) than most serums and it has a very nice fresh scent. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly. What I especially liked was the slight (but instant) smoothing effect – and the fact that my pores definitely looked smaller (or "refined" as they like to say).

I haven't used the night moisturizer long enough to judge its long-term effects, but the short term effects are delightful. The cream is hydrating and sinks in quickly. At first there was a slight tingling, followed by soothing feeling that lasted for the rest of the evening. In the morning, my skin felt soft and very calm, but not oily.

This brand is really interesting and diverse. In addition to wallet-friendly, botanical skincare; they also feature products like a durable tote bag and a re-usable (= earth friendly) aluminum water bottle.

I still kinda wish they'd bring the decanters back though.

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