Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shout out to the Blog Squad…

This is my second day as a blogger, so I guess that means I'm old news since there have been god-only-knows-how-many new blogs created since I posted yesterday. Yay – more to read! The cool thing about the whole blog phenomenon (for me, that is), is the great writing and all of the fabulous beauty information I've gotten! Tons of it!

Now like any crazed beauty junkie, I love my huge spectacular beauty products that have all kinds of glamour and impact. But this has turned out to be a demanding week, and I am really appreciating the tried and true work horses of my beauty routine. Like the little things that keep my skin soft and my nails nice. And I know about many of them because of recommendations by beauty bloggers. Here are two:

#1 Thank you, spoiled pretty! Daneen at spoiled pretty reviewed the Sephora glass nail file and I got one. It rocks. It really, really rocks. For some reason, I can't come up with any thing better to say and I can't seem to find her wonderful review, so I will just repeat my thanks and think of her every time I look at my smooth, smooth nails (that have stayed smooth all week).

#2 Thank you, babyassface! In addition to having one of the most hilarious and brilliantly written blogs, she introduced me to the Salux Nylon Japanese Beauty Cloth. Again, words fail me and all I can come up with is: It rocks. It really rocks. For a more lucid description of how and why it rocks, read her review here.

Again. Thanks. You have made my days prettier.

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