Saturday, April 4, 2009

Halleluiah! Awake!

Tomorrow is Sunday. Sunday is the day that I get up way too early. I am a singer. Many of us singers have jobs in churches that require getting up early to rehearse (in order to sound halfway decent by the time the service starts). Singing is fun and rewarding. Getting up early on a Sunday morning is punishment for my transgressions.

The way to make this work is go get lots of sleep Saturday night so I can wake up in plenty of time to have breakfast, drink some tea, warm up a little, then shower, get dressed and put on my makeup in a leisurely manner. So far I have managed to do this ZERO times. What really happens is that I get up at the last possible minute, rush around, run out the door and eat hard boiled eggs in the car.

Getting up at the last minute leaves a teensy amount of time to get dressed and put on makeup. My clothes aren't such a big deal because I'm wearing a choir robe. But everyone can still see my face. And THIS week, I will be getting up extra early because it's Palm Sunday (we need extra time since there's foliage involved). What's a girl to do? My face is blotchy. No time for primer. No time for foundation. But wait! There is time for one of my all time favorite products ever created in the universe: Awake Stardom Aqua Trans Powder.

Blurb: This water based loose powder releases hydration upon application to adhere close to the skin with a cool, refreshing touch. It has a translucent, semimatte finish to provide a glowing complexion.

Get it? Awake? Morning? Okay, sorry, anyway…

Awake is a wonderful skincare and makeup line, and this powder is crazy good. It's light, translucent and slightly minimizes pores. Going on, it feels like nothing else. Even though it's a powder, it feels like cool water (or mist) that kind of melts into my skin. It's great over foundation or alone. When worn by itself, it doesn't give a lot of coverage, but its color-correcting properties really even out blotchiness and the finish is gorgeous! I use the color 05 Sea Lavender (yes, it's lavender!) for my olive skin and get a beautiful, natural 7:30am.

It comes with a pretty good applicator, but I prefer a kabuki brush. Also, be sure to close the lid tightly so it doesn't dry out. It comes in several colors (depending on your color correction needs): Venus Sea, Sand Dune, Sea Lavender, Moon Glint and Pink Sunset.

The luxurious feel and luminous finish are what sold me. But it also controls oil. And it doesn't cause me to break out. And it lasts. And it isn't cakey. Nuff said.

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