Monday, April 6, 2009

Shout out to the Blog Squad (part dos)

Among my other activities, I have been trying to lose weight. The good news is that it’s working! I’ve lost a few more and some of my clothes are looser. Yay! Which meant I needed to go shopping! Yay! More good news: I found some great stuff at the mall and now have some snappy new clothes that I don’t need to hold up with safety pins. Yay! Bad news: I’ve used all up of my beauty “allowance” for a while (a moment of silence, please).

Like just about every non-celebrity/non-heiress/non-AIG executive, I am on a budget. I’ve always said that if I was a superhero my name would be “EL CHEAP-O” (since I’m female, it really should be “la cheap-a,” but that doesn’t sound superhero-ey at all). Anyway, El Cheap-o’s super power would be to fly through the air, hone in on unbelievable bargains and swoop down to take advantage of them while supplies last.

Alas, El Cheap-o is only a dream, but there is hope! Roxy at for the love of beauty has a splendid blog that is beautiful, informative and really STYLISH! But wait, there's more...

This is the very first beauty blog I ever read. I was looking for bargains and Google directed me to her “beauty offers” page. That’s right, folks. In addition to all of the advice, news, reviews, beautiful pictures and overall stylishness, there is a “beauty offers” page. She also created a page dedicated to shopping deals, codes and discounts. After nearly fainting at all the savings, I started reading the rest of her blog and was hooked. Then I started reading more blogs. Thus I was drawn into the beauty blogosphere where I remain to this day.

As time goes by, I will post the few paltry bargains, giveaways and budget-friendly news that I hear about; but rest assured that there is already a beacon in the darkness. And right now this beacon has a post about Cosmedicine. Roxy, El Cheap-o would be proud.


  1. Maria,

    I hardly think I live up to the hype, girl. I'll slip you the $10 later on, okay!

    Seriously, though, what a sweet thing to say. I have soooooo much fun with my blog and reading others' blogs as well. I'm looking forward to everything you have to say about what draws near to your heart in the world of beauty and "stuff".

    Now - you MUST share your weight loss secret(s) with us ... pleeeeeease.


  2. la Cheapa?
    la cheapi?


    La Cipa
    La Cipi