Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear sunscreen…

Dear DDF Organic Sun Protection, It has been a beautiful Fall and Winter, but I must say goodbye for the Summer. We will meet again in September (or October, depending on the Doppler Radar). Love, Maria

Why am I reviewing my Winter sunscreen in April? Because not everyone has hot, ridiculously humid Philadelphia summers. When I lived in San Francisco, it got cold in the summer. And windy. And dry. I am reviewing my winter sunscreen in April because I am a giver who thinks of others. And because I didn’t have a blog last Winter. And because DDF Organic Sun Protection rocks.

Blurb: A moisturizer for sensitive skin that contains Zinc and Titanium Dioxide to provide a physical barrier against harmful UVA/UVB rays. Contains the exclusive DDF Redox Antioxidant Complex™ to help protect from free radical damage at the skin’s surface. Proper use may reduce the chance of skin cancer as well as premature aging of the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

DDF (which stands for Doctors Dermatologic Formula) is an excellent skincare line. And this sunscreen/moisturizer just plain works. I have oily skin, but it’s also sensitive. And treating my skin for break outs makes it even more sensitive. Add cold, dry, east coast winter air and my skin is cranky. And even though these are the cold months, the sun is still shining and I need sunscreen.

This product has really done it all this Winter. It’s an oil free moisturizer (doesn’t clog my pores) with a nice high SPF of 30. It moisturizes, blocks the sun, contains antioxidants and doesn’t irritate. It’s even gentle enough for my eye area. Extra points because even though it contains zinc oxide, it doesn’t leave a white cast on my olive complexion.

It also feels really soft and luxurious going on. Out of the bottle, it’s marshmallow-white so I can see that everything is covered, then the white fades.

Unfortunately this product is not sweat-proof, so I need to set it aside for a few months. I am currently on the lookout for something that will stand up to the crazy summer humidity. But if your Spring or Summer stays cool where you live, I would definitely check this out.

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