Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Worth the Wait: Urban Decay Stardust Eyeshadow (review)

Hello everyone! I meant to post this yesterday, but the day was gone before I knew it. Not to worry – that just means you'll be getting two reviews today!

Speaking of waiting (see post title); I had to (gasp!) wait to try this out. There was absolutely no way I could justify buying another shadow this month (especially a purple one). Luckily Sephora came to the rescue – they offered an awesome bag of samples to Beauty Insiders; and one of them was a deluxe sample from Urban Decay.

Stardust Eyeshadow (in "Retrograde")

Blurb: It’s something unexpected in eyeshadow: an explosion of stars. Stardust shadows’ silky texture delivers an incredible amount of sophisticated, twinkling sparkle. Boasting 40% more glitter than our most sparkly shadows, Stardust delivers a sheer wash of color, topped with teeny bits of iridescent sparkle that glisten like wet snow. The glitter (a pricey ingredient called reflex), actually stays on your lids. No fallout, no chunky glitter… just stunning, sparkling eyes.

From uptown neutrals like black, grey and brown to bright pops of turquoise, green and purple, the galaxy of shades helps create tons of looks, and blend well with our other Eyeshadows and Eye Pencils. The futuristic, squeeze-open case holds over TWO TIMES the amount of product in our other Eyeshadows. With all this Stardust, you’ll be dreaming of a date night at the laserium…

I have a whole lot of purple/lavender/violet/mauve shadows on my vanity; and I still found this one to be outstanding. For starters, the shade is gorgeous (purple…duh), and the quality is fabulous. The color stayed put all day - and so did the sparkle! What I also loved about the formula was that the shimmer (created with something called "reflex") didn't make the texture grainy at all. In fact it was really silky.

Instead of looking glittery, the finish is more of a soft twinkle. There's plenty of sparkle, but the effect is kind of a dewy, soft focus. And after it sets, there's a slight "glazed" effect (which added a bit more dreaminess).

I applied it three ways and got three very different results. With a sponge tip, I got lovely, fairly saturated color. With a dry brush, I got a sheer, shimmery wash; and when I used a wet brush, I got stunning, intense color with lots of coverage (almost like a foil effect).

You can check all of this out on the website (as well as some of the cool new stuff). If you're feeling budget conscious like me, be sure to visit the clearance section. And if you're looking for inspiration, check out the Steal Our Looks page. Urban Decay is also found at Sephora, Ulta, and
(ftc disclosure: received as sample with purchase)

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