Thursday, August 26, 2010

Your Thursday Face: DHC Velvet Skin Coat (review)

Hello everyone! I seem to back on schedule (fingers crossed). I finally got everything ready for my trip; and now I have a bit of beauty time before hopping in the car. This Thursday’s wonderful facial item is from DHC.

Velvet Skin Coat

Blurb: Prime time. Once you slide this inconspicuous primer between your skin and your foundation, you'll never know how you lived without it. It evens out coverage by filling in creases and fine lines and smoothing over rough patches, so your face appears flawless. The unique texture of this powdery gel is unlike any you've ever felt-it's not sticky or greasy. With its ability to keep oil in check, you'll even forget there were such things as makeup mishaps. Not for use on lips.

Sometimes there are so many new and fancy brands coming at me that I have to let my favorites languish for a bit. Today I need to take DHC out of “languishment” in order to remind everyone about how they just keep putting out consistently excellent products. I’m always amazed at their steady stream of high quality, useful, and super practical items.

I had never tried this primer until I got a sample, and now I wish I had checked it out sooner. The texture felt very slippery at first, then set to a weightless, matte finish (and a little bit went a very long way). It filled in some of my fine lines, smoothed over my pores and made an excellent base for my foundation. It also had superior shine control – definitely one of the best oil control products I’ve tried!

I highly recommend that you check out the website (I can spend hours there), browse the awesome sale section, and be sure to request a catalogue (they usually come with samples). And just in case you’re still not satisfied, DHC also sells Fine Foods (yes indeed, they really do)!
(ftc disclosure: received as sample with purchase)

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