Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Strange Invisible Summer: Strange Invisible Perfumes Limited Edition Scents

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Summer 2010: Limited Edition Fragrances
by Strange Invisible Perfumes

Strange Invisible Perfumes presents two new limited edition pure perfumes, Tahitian Honey and Vacances. Both celebrate the idyllic locales of summer and feature temple mandarin (a truly rare essence custom-distilled alchemically in pure silica glass). Created by perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis, these fragrances will transport you to the very essence of sunlit, island leisure.

Strange Invisible Perfumes, a purely botanical perfume house based in Venice, California, serves the reality, not the dream, of precious ingredients and luxury craftsmanship. Botanical loyalist and perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis exacts the chemistry between natural essences and compelling narratives.

• Fresh ginger, temple mandarin, plumeria blossoms, resins & honey
• Inspired by a summer holiday in Tahiti
• Available Summer 2010

VACANCES vah-kahns Vacances is the French word for vacation
• Temple mandarin, hemp, jasmine, cedar, black copal, black currant & honey
• Inspired by a leisurely afternoon by the Caribbean seaside
• Available Summer 2010

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Limited Edition fragrancesare available in-store only at: Strange Invisible Perfumes 1138 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA 90291

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