Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cherry Pie and Bubble Gum: Stila Twinkle Lip Glaze Set (review)

Okay. That's it. I'm officially tired of being a grown up! Today I wore grown-up clothes, did grown-up work at my desk, had conversations about serious things, and generally behaved like a mature, well-adjusted adult. Phooey!

Trading some of my childhood innocence for experience and self-determination has been totally worth it in my book. Except for today. Today when I spilled water on the front of my dress, I wanted to go home and pout. When there was a problem with my database, I wanted to throw a temper tantrum and call people names. Bad names. The kind that make you have to stay after school.

But I didn't do any of those things. I behaved myself. So to balance out my good deportment, I'm going to talk about my latest thing-that-I-got-because-I-wanted-it-right-this-minute. From Stila.

Lip Glaze Set - Twinkle (Limited Edition)

Blurb: Features four shades of Stila's most popular lip gloss - three new hues and one bestselling color - to keep your pout glossier and sexier with high-shine color! Twinkle set contains: Grapefruit - shimmery pink, Cherry Pie - red with pink shimmer, Mauvelous - mauve with iridescent shimmer, Pinkle Twinkle - pink with pink shimmer.

You surely must know by now that Stila Lip Glaze has an awesome formula. The gloss looks beautiful and has excellent staying power. Enough of that.

The reason to get this kit is the cute, girly colors! All four colors are great, but I got the set because I needed "Cherry Pie" and "Pinkle Twinkle." "Cherry Pie is a pigmented, cherry red with pink shimmer. It's very sweet and sexy (and it really does smell like cherry pie). "Pinkle Twinkle" is a throughly girly sparkly pink – with a scent that reminds me of bubble gum.

For those of you that are also in need of a little age-regression; take yourself by the hand and march yourself over to the website. Stila is also sold at Beauty.com. And if you need to play with your toys right away, head on over to Sephora or Ulta.
(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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