Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wish I Was Doing This Now: Philip B's Perfect 2-Minute Blowout

I'm tempted to run home right now and try this out! Of course my the people I'm supposed to be singing for tonight might not understand, so I may have to wait a bit. But if you happen to be home right now and there's a hair drier handy, give it a try…

PHILIP B. Botanicals introduces our latest breakthrough:
The Perfect, 2-Minute Blowout

Want to give curly, unruly, tumbleweed hair a break from heat-styling -- but still get a gloriously smooth, straight, salon-soft finish? Let Us Point The Way:

Step 1: Comb PHILIP B® Katira Masque through damp hair, so that it hangs down straight.

Step 2: Let it dry to a hard shell, then break it up with your fingers and brush it out.

Step 3: Wave a blow-dryer through your hair, smoothing it with the brush as you go.

Step 4: Look in the mirror. Jump up and down with excitement.

PHILIP B® Katira Masque Universal Hair Revitalizer is a gentle yet surprisingly versatile rejuvenator for all hair types. The unique, clear-gel formula sinks right in to plump up fine, limp strands or calm and smooth coarse, hard-to-manage hair. Think of it as an amped-up, squeaky-clean version of a deep-conditioning treatment: You get all the vibrant shine and silkiness you could dream of – without a trace of added weight or residue. PHILIP B®Katira Hair Masque will make the most of any hair texture, taking lush, light and manageable to a whole new level. Plus, it's the ultimate blow-drying shortcut!

• Pure Katira Extract -- the "it" conditioner of the Middle East -- fills in weak, damaged spots in the hair cuticle for added smoothness and strength. It also gives your hair a slight electrical charge – you’ll feel it during your blowout – that leaves it fantastically light and bouncy.

• A high-tech L-Amino Acid Complexinfuses your hair with a perfect dose of weightless, oil-free moisture and nourishing proteins for enhanced control and elasticity. Just one application will instantly revitalize your hair color, speed up blow-drying time, and lock in shine for a sexy, touchable, red-carpet finish.

Paraben-Free Formula

Where To Find It: and fine salons and department stores worldwide.

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