Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday: Ojon Color Sustain

Wow! Take a look at this beauty news. My color-treated hair is certainly paying attention!

Ojon Color Sustain Helps Shield Hair
From Water-Induced Fading For Up To 40 Washes

Introducing Ojon Color Sustain to help prevent color from fading while supporting hair’s brilliance and vibrancy

New findings have shown that water is one of the biggest contributors to fading hair color. Women in the United States spend more than $2 billion a year on hair coloring treatments1, but is most of that expensive color being washed down the drain? In difficult economic times, beauty consumers want color treatments with staying power. Ojon™ is introducing a new hair care ritual called Color Sustain™ featuring Tahitian Monoi Oil to help combat the color-depleting effects of H2O. With a combination of Coconut Oil infused with fresh Tiare flowers, Monoi Oil’s non-affinity for water gives it a unique ability to help prevent color loss. Regular use of new Ojon Color Protecting Cream and Color Revealing Shampoo and Conditioner is proven to help protect hair and maintain vibrant color for up to 40 washes.

“Monoi Oil’s superior conditioning and fast absorption helps preserve shine and prevent hair from looking washed out and dull,” states Senior Vice President of Ojon Product Development, Lynn Mazzella. “When combined with Ojon Oil the essential lipids repair and seal the cuticle to lock in color.”

Contrary to what is widely believed, it is not only shampoos, heat styling and sun exposure that can cause color loss. Water exposure on its own can lead to fading and discoloration. When hair’s protective cuticle is compromised, as it is when hair is frequently color treated, water easily enters the hair shaft and washes away coloration. This gradual fading process begins with the first shower after a color treatment. The hydrophobic properties of Monoi Oil help shield hair from water – instantly repelling it and making it difficult for water to penetrate the hair shaft and wash away the pigment.

Along with water degradation, shampoo can affect hair color. There is some debate within the beauty industry about washing colored hair with shampoos that contain sulfates. Science suggests that some sulfates can speed up color loss, but new Ojon Color Revealing Shampoo contains coconut-derived cleansing agents with gentle sulfates similar to those found in baby shampoos. It creates a color-safe, luxurious lather that leaves hair feeling clean while the water-resistant Monoi Oil maintains and protects color richness and vibrancy.

“We were inspired by the French Polynesian Vahine women who are known for their color-rich, shiny hair,” explains Mazzella. “We wanted to create a collection that maintains the same shine and hair color depth as the day it was colored – shampoo after shampoo.”
The Color Sustain ritual includes new Color Revealing Shampoo and Conditioner, Color Protecting Cream and Gloss Finishing Hair Spray. The collection will launch at Sephora and select retailers across North America March 15, 2011.

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