Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Organizing: Cool Stuff to Hold All Your Cool Stuff

In the spirit of my Spring cleaning frenzy; I’m skipping Hair Care today, and posting a whole bunch of items and ideas for organizing your beauty stash. It all started early last week. I was home with a nasty virus and surfing the interwebs. Suddenly I came across…this:

Crayola 150-Count Telescoping Crayon Tower My mind reeled, and my heart raced faster as I got a sudden inspiration: lipgloss holder. Then I took another decongestant/cough suppressant, got back online, and ordered one from Walmart (Target carries these too). The result was… Ta Da! I’ve been using this for the last couple of days, and it’s awesome! All of my lipglosses are visible and accessible. Now, all that’s left is for me to glue a Lazy Susan to the bottom this weekend, and it will spin. Life is good. (I still haven’t found something similar for my tubes of lipstick, but I plan to keep looking.) Another incredibly useful product I found (thank you, Target) were these stackable plastic bins. They were perfect for my nail polish. Here’s a picture of two of them together… Okay…enough of my substandard cell-phone pictures. Here are a few more things I found that were reasonably priced, and incredibly useful. I haven’t tried them all (yet), but they are giving me tons of ideas. From Tiered Chrome Shelf Organizer - I bought 2 of these, and love them! They’re great for bottles, jars, boxes and tubes. They’re also well made, and look nice on the counter. From Acrylic Home Design: Makeup Organizer - I have this too – also love it. Up until a few days ago, it housed my lipglosses and lipsticks. Now I use it for my eye pencils, cosmetic brushes and liquid/gel eyeliners. More ideas from Target: Stackable Jars with Metal Lids – 3 shapes and sizes to choose from (each under $10) Itso Modular Stackables – These stackable plastic trays are cute, useful (and $4.99 for 2) Medicine Organizer Vanity Organizers Clear Drawers More drawers from Sterilite: Sterilite Mini Drawer Organizers From Walmart: Desk/Drawer Tray From Bed Bath & Beyond… Acrylic Drawer Organizers – I like these because they can also sit on top of a counter or shelf (one of these may end up holding my lipstick tubes) Cabinet Organizer – another option for storing and displaying bottles, jars, soaps (or maybe even your nail polish collection) Desktop organizer 3-cup plastic Tray Jewelry tree – Have this. Love it. Earing Keeper Foldable Earing Screen Whew! And that's just scratching the surface. There's more. Much, much more; but hopefully this will get you started with some ideas. I really love having all of my beauty items organized, visible and available all the time. I feel very pampered and soothed when I can see everything laid out before me all neat and pretty in the morning. It also helps me remember what I have – so that I don’t end up with 10 dark blue eyeliners (as opposed to…um…5). And since I made such a long post – it seems reasonable to include two helpful instructional films from way back when. Once you’re all snappy and organized; you may want some useful hints for when you either go out, or have people over. Have a great weekend!

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