Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still all Bright and Stuff: DHC Eye Bright (review)

Winter came back today with cold air and too much wind; but by golly it’s still sunny outside. So I’m staying in my silver lining mood for one more day, and talking about more brightness. From DHC.

Eye Bright

Blurb: Eye enlightenment. Promote healthy-looking skin around your eyes by reducing puffiness and brightening dark circles. Invigorate weary-looking eyes with cooling cucumber and revitalizing Isodonis japonicus (a Japanese botanical). You’ll notice a reviving soothing sensation the moment you apply this fast-absorbing, lightweight gel. The delicate skin around your eyes is especially susceptible to dryness, so Eye Bright is enriched with sodium hyaluronate—a superior moisture magnet.

This fabulous, fabulous product will brighten up any morning (or even an afternoon). Especially when the morning starts out with my eyes looking all dried out and puffy. This stuff makes everything so much better.

It soothes, hydrates, absorbs quickly, and makes my under eye puffiness and dark circles look better in minutes. The hydration also lasts, and I notice I need less concealer – even when my allergies are acting up.

Right now Eye Bright is on sale, so check out the website. The site is full of awesome stuff (most of which is now on my wish list). Don’t forget to browse the sale section, and order a catalogue (which often comes with samples).

And speaking of brightness – I forgot to mention that yesterday was the birthday of Dr. Seuss! (And also my friend, Rachel.) If you need a bit of brightness in your day, I suggest heading on over to Seussville and spending a few moments with your favorite character(s). Here's my personal favorite.)

(ftc disclosure: received sample with purchase)

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