Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Cleaning: Ahava Cleansing Cream (review)

It’s still spring. And the forecast tomorrow is for…snow. Really? Yes, really. Sigh. Pennsylvania has not gotten the memo from Mother Nature yet.

Anyway, I have decided that it’s spring no matter what. It’s definitely spring in my heart (heh). And it’s going to be spring in my home...because I’m dedicating the week to spring cleaning. And in the spirit of cleaning stuff up – here’s a…wait for it…cleanser! From Ahava.

Cleansing Cream

Blurb: Enriched with Ahava’s moisture-enhancing Osmoter compound, this delicate soapless cream cleanses deeply and nourishes your complexion to give your face a vibrant tone. Make-up, dirt and impurities are effortlessly washed away. Restores skin’s pH balance to its optimal state. Approved for Sensitive Skin. Allergy Tested. Dermatologically Tested.

This may be my first Ahava review (and if I wasn’t so lazy I’d check my archives instead of guessing). I’m amazed I haven’t reviewed their products more. Everyone here at work raves about Ahava – especially when it’s cold and dry. And every now and then someone takes a trip to Israel and brings back a big haul.

I now see why everyone raves. This cleanser is really kind to skin. I tried a sample, and now I’m raving too. It gently and thoroughly removed my makeup (and sunscreen). And after I rinsed, my skin felt clean, fresh and balanced. I’m thinking of getting this for my gym bag. Since I work out in a pool, this would be a great post-chlorine cleanser.

Of course you don’t have to travel to Israel to find this. There’s a dandy U.S. website where you can browse and order to your heart’s content. Orders over $50 ship for free, and you get free samples with each order. You can also find Ahava at drugstore.com and hsn (I’ve even seen it at TJ Maxx and Marshalls).

Speaking of spring cleaning. Here’s another fine instructional film from the helpful folks at Coronet (and the Taylors).

(ftc disclosure: received as sample with purchase)

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