Thursday, February 3, 2011

Power Week: Liz Earle Hand Repair™, Superbalm™ & Cotton Rich Gloves (review)

Happy Thursday everyone! Today it’s all about the hands. I’m feeling pretty cheerful; but this winter weather, dry indoor heat, and hand washing is making my hands a little bit cranky. So let’s talk about some fine hand care. From Liz Earle.

Hand Repair™

Blurb: This powerful, non-greasy cream provides instant protection and relief for your hands. Helps to condition nails, soften cuticles and protect against dehydration. With panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), soothing echinacea, toning hops, plus antioxidants beta-carotene and natural source vitamin E. Suitable for all skin types.


Blurb: Our ‘emergency’ skin salve rescues and soothes skin. Made from pure plant oils and natural waxes plus shea butter, it gently softens and calms dry skin on hands, heels, elbows and lips and also helps condition nails and cuticles. Warm Superbalm in the palms of your hands before applying to nails and dry areas as and when needed. Naturally active ingredients include vitamin E, rosehip oil to help lock in moisture and neroli oil for its uplifting and restorative properties.

Cotton Rich Gloves

Blurb: The perfect addition to your hand care regime, use these gloves to get the most from your treatment.

For me, a nice hand cream is one of the easiest ways to pamper myself. During the winter, I keep some in my bag, at my desk, near my bed and in a coffee table basket. Sometimes just the fragrance can de-stress me immediately.

This trio from Liz Earle is super pampering. The Hand Repair smells amazing – it’s a gorgeous, herbal/lavender blend. I also like the way it feels. It absorbs quickly, and softens; but there’s absolutely no greasy feeling. The Superbalm is a fabulous rescue for really dry spots, dry cuticles, rough elbows, heels, etc.

And here’s an ultra powerhouse hand treatment: I give my hands a good scrub to exfoliate. Then right before bedtime, I combine a bit of Superbalm with a generous amount of Hand Repair, slather it on my hands, put the gloves on and keep them on overnight. In the morning, my hands are amazingly soft and smooth.

The website has plenty of things besides hand care, so take a look. Be sure to check out the hint-worthy Valentine's Gifts, and check out the Defy Dull Skin Offer.

And now that your hands are all soft and pretty, you can hold your disposable lighter up while you listen to today’s fine power ballad. Brought to us by one of my favorite bands of all time…Queen. I’m embedding the live version due to the additional awesomeness (especially around 2:40). Enjoy!

“Let us cling together as the years go by…Oh my love, my love…”


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