Friday, February 4, 2011

Power Week (and Hair Care Friday): Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray

Well I’ve made it to the end of the week, and I’m off to spend the weekend doing some goofing off. But before I disappear, it’s time for a speedy review of our fine Friday hair care item (with bonus ballad). From Moroccanoil.

Glimmer Shine Spray

Blurb: A Unique Ultra Light Non-Greasy Formula That Seals In Shine And Produces Silky Perfection For All Hair Types. Uses Argan Oil From South West Morocco. Argan Oil Naturally Renews Hairs Cell Structure And Consistently Restores Shine To Hair.

This is one of the niftiest products I’ve ever tried. It works.

It’s very light weight, and doesn’t feel oily or heavy at all. I found that following the directions works very well for this product (who knew?). Holding it 10-12 inches from my hair while spraying allows the spray to diffuse properly. I get a really lovely shine when I use it (especially after a blowout); and my hair feels really soft too.

Take a look at the website, and be sure to visit the trends of the season page. And click on the locate a salon page to find out where to buy.

I picked this final song because it’s a classic, quintessential example of a power ballad. (If you looked up “power ballad” in a text book, you would probably see a picture of Bad English.) I also chose it because the lyrics make me go all girly.

But the reason I posted it today is because of the HAIR. Everyone in the band is coiffed within an inch of his life. It's a power ballad with serious POWER HAIR. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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