Monday, February 28, 2011

Go Get This! Stila Travel Palettes - Fabulous in Fiji + Trendsetting in Tokyo (review)

I’m jumping right to the review so you can jump on this spectacular deal. From Stila.

Travel Palettes - Fabulous in Fiji + Trendsetting in Tokyo

Fabulous in Fiji

Blurb: Sit back and relax as you escape with Ali to fabulous island of Fiji. Inspired by the tropical colors of this serene getaway, this palette will make you sparkle like the crystal clear ocean.

Trendsetting in Tokyo

Blurb: Experience the bustling, fast-paced metropolis as you follow Zoe through her Tokyo adventure. Inspired by the neon lights and classic geisha trends, this palette will have you looking fashion-forward.

These travel palettes are completely and thoroughly awesome. They’re pretty, chic, portable, and the packaging is excellent (a secure magnetic flip top). Each has a lovely convertible (lip/cheek) color, and four shadows (at least one is a darker shade that can double as a liner with a wet brush). There’s a good sized mirror; and the slim palette closes easily, and fits almost anywhere (measures 2.5” x 4.5” when closed).

Fabulous in Fiji features tropical shadows and a bronze convertible color. Trendsetting in Tokyo has edgier pink/purple/gold/black shadows and a convertible color in Sakura.

In addition to wonderful Stila quality, these palettes are also an amazing value. Normally, they retail for about $10 each (I know - wow). And right now, Stila is offering both of these together as a set for…$9. That’s right – 9 bucks for two palettes! I ordered two sets, and I’m keeping one and saving the other two for gifts. I’m actually thinking of stocking up. They would make incredible hostess gifts, bridesmaid gifts, or even stocking stuffers (if you're thinking that far ahead).

The Set is available on the website. You can also enter the Light Up The World Contest and check out the Tips and Tricks page. There are 3 other Travel Palettes too. Each is $10 (still an amazing value), and Stila is also available at Sephora.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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