Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hair Care Friday (on Sunday): Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil (review)

I know, I know. I’m all tardy with the hair care post. The weekend was a little bit hectic (yet again). It was a good weekend, though. A really good weekend.

But that’s no excuse for leaving you all without vital hair care product information, is it? So let’s get to it. Tonights tardy (but helpful) item is from Weleda.

Rosemary Hair Oil

Blurb: Get intensive nourishment with our revitalizing hair oil. It’s a deep-conditioning treatment that restores moisture, softens split ends and adds radiant shine as it penetrates. Organic rosemary oil completely coats your hair and scalp with an indulgent treatment of fragrant, evergreen nourishment. Burdock root extract has traditionally been used to alleviate dry scalp. Your hair, rich in the revitalizing fragrance of rosemary, looks and feels softer, smoother and more manageable from root to tip. Plan to spend some quality time blissfully running your fingers through your healthy, lustrous locks.

First…a word about Weleda. When we finally wised up and got groovy and concerned about sustainability and the environment, Weleda was there already. They had been there, done that and are still doing it. Weleda has been focusing on eco-friendly, sustainable practices and ingredients for about 90 years. Nice.

Second...this is great stuff. It works really well as a conditioner (a little bit goes a very long way), and a little bit on damp hair adds shine and softness to a blowout. My hands down favorite way to use this is as a pre-shampoo treatment. I massage it through my hair and scalp, and leave it on overnight (or at least a few hours). After I shampoo, my hair is gorgeous - silky, shiny and healthy. I’ve also been using this every other day on my dry ends, and I’ve seen a huge improvement.

Third…it smells wonderful.

The website has a great selection of skin care, bath and body products, and good things for mother and baby. Read about the history of the company, check out the community page, and take the quiz to enter for a chance to win a trip to Turkey. You can find Weleda products at Target, and health food stores (like Whole Foods).

Since we’re all about the nature today (sort of), check out this vintage fragrance ad. You got your field of flowers, your horses, etc. Enjoy!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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