Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gold from Down Under: Dunache Gold Mineral Exfoliating Mask from rare earth minerals (review)

Happy Tuesday everyone! I had a crazy day, and I’m looking forward to a nice quiet evening (yay)! But before I step away from the computer; there is blogging to do. About something mighty cool. From rare earth minerals.

Dunache Gold - Mineral Exfoliating Mask

Blurb: Deeply Cleanses, Tones, Detoxifies and Exfoliates your skin. Our unique Mineral Exfoliating Mask is an Essential once a week treatment for your Skin. Consisting of Kaolinite, Exceptionally high concentrations of Potassium and Sodium, Natural Silica Microspheres and Trace Elements. The Natural Filtration by the regions Mineral Springs, over millions of years, is the single unique factor that makes our Mineral Clay amazingly pure and high in Mineral Concentration. This all in one product is suitable for both Facials and Body Treatments and is sold in its natural powder form. Safe and Effective for all Skin types. Smoothes Fine Lines. Tightens and Firms Pores. Draws out Toxins deep within the Skin. Highly recommended for those with Acne and Problem Skin.

This is an awesome company that has dedicated themselves to providing natural products (100% Australian made and owned) that are ph neutral, effective, made with pure water and free of chemical agents or re-agents. Nice. They also make wonderful products. Extra nice.

The mask comes in powder form. I mixed it with water to form a paste, worked it onto my skin and let it dry (about 10 minutes). Afterwards I rubbed the dry mask into my skin a little bit and rinsed. It was kind of fun, and the mask felt very pleasant while it was on.

I only tried a small sample, so I don’t know what the long term effects are; but I can say that in the short term my skin looked and felt fabulous! It was soft, smooth, balanced and incredibly clean. My pores looked smaller and my face had a lovely glow. I tried it in the evening before bed, and found myself wishing I had used it in the morning or before going out – my skin looked that good afterwards. Extra super bonus nice!

Rare Earth Minerals products are only available through their website. Visit the site, read about the various minerals in their products, and check out the testimonials.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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