Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting Over the Hump: Spotless Acne Spot Treatment from Sprunk-Jansen (review)

Since today is “hump” day, I though I’d feature something to make a certain type of “hump” go away faster. You know…the kind that shows up on your skin from time to time. Here to help with the humps (and bumps) is something wonderful from Sprunk-Jansen.

Spotless Acne Spot Treatment

Blurb: Clears your complexion. Spotless cream clears up blemishes gently. And by keeping your pores clean and clear, it helps to prevent new blemishes forming. Fast but gentle - we've combined three traditional blemish reducing herbs - Soap Wort, Inula Leaves and Lemon. This effective combination eases redness, reduces acne bacteria and oil production without drying or irritating. Spotless not only soothes instantly and absorbs impurities in the skin, it also clears away blemishes throughout the day and night.

Sprunk-Jansen’s philosophy is to pair the effectiveness of herbal remedies with modern advances. They’re developing a range of herbal products designed to work in harmony with modern medicine – giving us the best of both worlds. Luckily, their vision of healthier herbal-based alternatives has resulted in a stellar spot treatment. I love this stuff!

All of my heavy-duty Halloween stress (and super heavy genie makeup) resulted in a very unsightly surprise on Sunday afternoon. I woke up from a nap and found myself with a mini-breakout. So out came the Spotless. First I put some on and rubbed it in. Then I dabbed an extra bit on the terrible bump and left it on until the next morning.

Monday morning I was thrilled! It had shrunk almost entirely, and there was no redness or peeling. I used the treatment again on Monday night; and by Tuesday morning all signs of my little “situation” were gone. Fabulous!

Take a look at their gorgeous website. You can shop online or use the retail locator if you want to browse in person. You can also sign up to receive the newsletter. Sprunk-Jansen products are available through, Amazon and at The Vitamin Shoppe.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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