Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy (Busy) Wednesday: Sula Paint & Peel (review)

Howdy! Today has been absolutely crazy and I'm having a difficult time thinking of anything other than how much work I have.

I'm learning music again this week so all my energy is focused on little black notes. So what kind of beauty product could I possibly tie in (cheesily, of course) to little black notes? Well fear not! In addition to little black notes, I'm also going to talk about little black nails. Ten of them to be exact. On my fingers. Courtesy of Sula Beauty.

Paint & Peel Nail Polish (in "Midnight")

Blurb: This water-based nail color has amazing appeal. Gorgeous colors apply easily and simply peel off the nail. Touch ups are a snap with the fast drying formula. For extended wear, use water-based Permanent in clear or metallic.

I've been eyeing these for months, and I finally decided to give one a try. Would it go on easily? Would it look nice? Would it really peel off? The answers are yes, yes, and YES!

I'm kind of snobby about my nail polishes, but this one is a keeper. First, it went on easily and smoothly. It also dried fairly quickly. Instead of a lacquer shine, I got more of a vinyl finish. The coverage is excellent. It even looked good with one coat (I used two, though). And yes indeed, it peeled right off! I purposely chose the shade "Midnight" (aka: black) because dark colors are the biggest pain to remove. But the polish peeled easily, and my nails were all ready for a new color.

This is the perfect polish to have for those "one-off" occasions (when you want something bold or different to wear only for a night or two). Since the finish is softer, the surface gets dulled a bit sooner; so you may want to use the "Permanent" when you want to keep your manicure longer. But the fact that you can just peel the whole thing off is fabulous. These are also great for travel (since you can skip the polish remover).

Check out website. In addition to other non-nail related items, you can look at more of the Paint and Peel collection and then take a look at the where-to-find section. Sula is also sold at Anthropologie and Ulta.


  1. I've seen this in Ulta and thought about giving it a try. I might treat myself to a bottle this week.

  2. It's pretty cool.

    I didn't write this in my post; but it kind of reminds me of when my sister and I were kids and used to make "nail polish" out of Elmer's glue. We'd get these huge globs of white glue on our fingernails that would dry clear. Then later on we would peel them off. COOL!