Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun In My Week: Too Faced Fun in the Dark Palette (review)

Sorry about yesterday, everyone. It turns out that it really isn't possible to accomplish 16 hours' worth of stuff in 10 hours. Who knew? After having a mini-meltdown yesterday, I re-did my "to do" list and made the rest of the week a little more manageable.

One thing I also added to my list was some fun. Even though I don't have a whole lot of time before my trip; I decided that I could forgo a few things (like vacuuming or sorting my photos) and have a bit of fun this week. Which leads me right to a cool limited edition (and fun) palette from Too Faced Cosmetics.

Fun in the Dark Palette (Limited Edition)

Blurb: The limited-edition Fun in the Dark Quickie Chronicle features a collection of Too Faces best sellers and two exclusive eye shadow shades. This luxury pro-palette contains a makeup mirror that lights up for additional glam and on-the-go touch ups.

Well, ok…the name. And not just the name of the palette, check out the colors:

Shadows: Pin Up, Peep Show, Full Frontal, Lucky Charms
Lips: Girls Dig Pearls in Tropical Pink, Lip of Luxury in Free Love
Blush: Papa Don't Peach
Bronzer: Sun Bunny Bronzer

Packaging – also fun (and user-friendly…and sexy). I was having a great time before I even tried a single color! Luckily, the colors are also fabulous. From the shadows, I really loved "Lucky Charms" (a deep, smoky green). The "Peach" Blush is gorgeous and versatile, and the "Girls Dig Pearls…" lip color is something I could wear forever (and not just in the dark).

Too Faced has a slew of awesome palettes and kits on their website. Right now I'm eyeing the Walk of Shame Kit as well as a couple of the shadow duos. The Launch Pad section has all the new stuff, and you can sign up to be a fan on their Facebook page. You can also find Too Faced at Sephora, Ulta, and

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