Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Edition: My Wish List at Zalando!

Yes – it’s actually Saturday! After getting all caught up on my reviews at the beginning of the week; utter and complete chaos ensued (and then google blogger starting acting weird). So I got all cranky, and decided to take the week off from blogging to get everything straightened out and back to “normal.”

Of course, in addition to straightening things out, I also spent way too much time on the web checking out cool sites with pretty stuff. And I found this really awesome (not to mention comprehensive), super stylish European site. It’s called…Zalando

First portion of wishlist...clothes. Like this short dress from miss sixty.

And some cool dresses from French Connection

And…more dresses

Second portion: some mighty cool…sigh!

Like these Minna Parikka heels

Or these yummy suede boots from Clark's

I’m also craving these mad fab Adidas high tops

Okay…back to business. I have family visiting this weekend, so it should be nice and relaxing. And...I’ll be back all bright eyed and ready with the prettiness!

(ftc disclosure: sponsored post)

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