Monday, June 6, 2011

Aaaaand…We’re Back! Thymes Agave Nectar Body Wash (review)

As I mentioned earlier, last week was a giant, hectic, crazed festival of stress. I had an amazing Memorial Day weekend; but then had to hit the ground running Tuesday morning. And I kept running. Then I ran some more. By the time I stopped it was the weekend again.

But once I did stop? Beauty treats to soothe my spirit. Starting with this gorgeously scented body wash. From Thymes.

Agave Nectar Body Wash

Blurb: Whether used as a shower gel or body cleanser, awaken your ability to thrive with skin-quenching lather blooming with fresh fragrance. Glycerin attracts moisture and softens skin while agave extract helps soothe. Agave Nectar is an oasis for your skin, tapping the resilience of the desert. Agave nectar, cocooned within the quenching agave plant, forms a warm, honeyed base note. Above, layers of ruby red grapefruit, delicate lemon blossom and tangy guava pulse with refreshing citrus, radiating a bright, cheerful optimism. And soothing aloe leaf and subtle crystalline musk deliver a clean, fresh finish.

After last week was over, I seriously needed some pampering, refreshment and rejuvenation; and this Body Wash was more than up to the task. I got loads of soft, bubbly lather, and my skin was clean, balanced and soft. I love citrus fragrances, and this one is a standout. It’s a heavenly balance of tart and sweet with a bit of warmth and softness. It’s an excellent pick me up. I immediately felt a whole lot better.

Check out the website, and take a look at the Complete Agave Nectar Collection. There’s also a beautiful gift section, and a handy store locator. Thymes is sold in fine independent specialty stores across the United States and Canada (and in certain international markets).

Here’s to smooth sailing this week!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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