Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Many Me’s, One Polish: Estée Lauder Limited Edition Nail Lacquer in “Wild Storm” (review)

Hello everyone – and thanks for being so patient! This is probably the longest break I’ve ever taken. The holidays are always dicey; but this time around, there were a lot of other things thrown into the mix as well. Many of the changes I made in 2010 led to questions about who I am and what I need…which led to more changes…then more questions…then…you get the picture. There’s been a lot of balancing and adjusting; and it all required waaaay more time and energy than I thought it would. Go figure.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting all of the cool Golden Globes info I got, and then Friday I’ll be passing along some great launch and product news. And of course…reviews!!

Tonight, let’s start with a nifty product review. Phase 2 of a giant snowstorm is going on outside of my window right now, and it’s pretty awesome. What’s also pretty awesome is that tomorrow will probably be a snow day!! I think a tie-in is order. How about something called “Wild Storm?” From Estée Lauder.

Pure Color Nail Lacquer (In "Wild Storm")

Blurb: Be among the first to try it and turn your fingertips into fashion statements. All-new formula previewing now in Wild Violet, Spring 2011. Experience the entire new collection in a wardrobe of sensational shades.

This is the first time I’ve tried an EL polish and the quality is top notch. It went on evenly, covered in two coats, and dried quickly. I applied it on Monday, and didn’t need to touch up until Saturday.

The color is a definite win. It’s a satiny pewter with a hint of shimmer. It’s very flattering, and it also manages to be chic, modern and incredibly versatile. It easily works with a black suit, a flowery dress, jeans, a cocktail dress, and/or an edgy evening look.

EL’s whole Spring 2011 Collection (Wild Violet) is gorgeous; and I’ll be reviewing more from the collection later. In the meantime, visit the website to have a look. You may even want to take a peek at the Valentine's gifts sets sets too. Estée Lauder is also available in fine department stores.

And while I'm still feeling thoughtful on a snowy evening, how about something from Snow Patrol? This song always stops me in my tracks; and tonight the words seem especially meaningful (so I'm embedding the version with the lyrics). Good night!

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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