Thursday, January 27, 2011

Golden Globes: Selena Gomez and Anastasia Beverly Hills

In addition to her gorgeous gown, Selena Gomez was Anastasia Beverly Hills all over. Take a look…

Get the Look: Anastasia Beverly Hills for Selena Gomez

Celebrity make-up artist, Karan Mitchell, created selena gomez’s red carpet look for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards using exclusively Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

Inspiration: For the Golden Globes, Selena chose a beautiful Catherine Deane coral colored gown with golden chain accents. Karan Mitchell wanted the make up to be complimentary to her dress so she focused on the coral and golden shades.

Steps To Achieve Selena’s Show Stopping Eyes & Lashes:

For the base of the lid, Mitchell used the first two shades from the ILLUMIN8 with YOUTHFUL SYNERGY™ COMPLEX EYE SHADOW PALETTE #1, blending on the eyelid as well as from the crease to the brow as a highlight.

Then she blended the soft plum accent shade 4 from ILLUMIN8 with YOUTHFUL SYNERGY™ COMPLEX EYE SHADOW PALETTE #1on the crease as well as blending up and outward all the way to the eyebrow on the outer edges.

Next, Mitchell wet the deep onyx shade from ILLUMIN8 with YOUTHFUL SYNERGY™ COMPLEX EYE SHADOW PALETTE #2 and used it as a liquid liner on the top lashes.

Treat your eyelashes as you do your hair. You want to round-brush Lash Lifting Mascara into the root of your upper and lower lashes for definition.

Steps To Achieve Selena’s Fierce Brows:

To define brows begin with sketching in Brow Wiz (Selena used Medium Ash) over brows using light upward strokes, filling in brows completely, as if you were drawing little hairs.

Then use the wand brush on the other end of Brow Wiz to blend the brow color through. This will soften the product and create a natural effect.

To highlight the brow bone apply Brow Duality (Selena used Camille/ Sand) highlighter pencil on the brow bone starting above the iris to the end of the brow and blend using the fingertip.

To ensure longevity brush Clear Brow Gel in short upward strokes, being sure to apply in the same direction of hair growth. This will lock it in!

Steps To Achieve Selena’s Gorgeous Lips & Cheeks:

Using the amazing wand, swipe HydraFull Gloss across the lips.

Using your ring finger gently tap the crème cheek color from the Highlighting Crème Duo (Selena used St Tropez) to apples of cheeks, blending to hairline.

For a sexy glow and highlighted cheekbones apply a small amount of the liquid highlighter along the cheekbones and blend on to your shoulders too!

Snap Shot

BROW WIZ: Easily mimic brow hairs with this skinny brow pencil. Available in 3 shades in Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta, &

BROW DUALITY: Bring subtle focus to the brow bone with this dual ended pencil. Features a matte highlighter on one end and a shimmer highlighter on the other. Available in 2 dual ended shades in Sephora, Nordstrom, ULTA &

CLEAR BROW GEL: Clear gel keeps unruly brows in place all day without flaking. Available in Sephora, Nordstrom, ULTA &

ILLUMIN8 with YOUTHFUL SYNERGY™ COMPLEX EYE SHADOW PALETTES: Unique clinically and consumer tested eye shadows proven to illuminate, firm and smooth the appearance of skin. Available in 5 shades in Sephora, &

LASH LIFTING MASCARA: Deep black mascara adds full volume thickness and uplifting curl in one stroke. Available in Sephora, Nordstrom, ULTA, &

HIGHLIGHTING CREME DUO: Liquid shimmer and sheer crème blush duo feature light diffusing pigments to reveal a beautiful subtle glow. Available in 2 shades in Sephora &

HYDRAFULL GLOSS: Clinically tested gloss proven to help maximize and maintain lip hydration and fullness. Unique paddle applicator smoothes product across lips. Available in 8 shades, in Sephora stores and on in Summer 2011.

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