Friday, January 28, 2011

Catching Up: GoodSkin Labs Extends a Hand to the Over-Extended

I got a little over-extended during the holiday season, and I'm finally getting caught up. Today is all about sharing some of the great beauty news that's been piling up in my in-box. And speaking of overextended...GoodSkin Labs is reaching out to over-extended women everywhere with the GoodSkin Labs Circle™. It’s a group of ten “real” from across the country who have created a list of simple life and beauty. Check out the full info (and a sampling of the tips)…

GoodSkin Labs Circle™ Lends a Hand to Over-Extended Women Everywhere

Everyone knows a super-woman. She may not wear a cape or soar through the air, but she does have the power to perform multiple daily tasks in the blink of an eye. These women – our sisters, daughters, mothers and best friends – have such hefty to-do lists that they seemingly never have time for themselves. To lend a hand to these over-extended, multi-tasking mavens, top global anti-aging skincare brand GoodSkin Labs is launching a “sponsorship” program that celebrates these busy women and provides encouragement, inspiration and tips.

According to a recent study*, more than 80 percent of working mothers are also responsible for groceries, meals, laundry, cleaning and household administration. With women “leaping tall buildings in a single bound” and simultaneously managing countless tasks, it’s no wonder many women feel over-extended. As part of the “sponsorship,” the GoodSkin Labs Circle™ – a group of real women brand ambassadors – will provide simple life and beauty solutions to help women flawlessly solve some of life’s little daily dilemmas and fit in some well-deserved “me” time.

“As a brand that is dedicated to providing women with solutions that deliver both instant results and long term skincare benefits, it only seems right to help these same women find the instant time-saving tips that will yield them more “me” time in the future,” says Julie Howard, Senior Vice President, Marketing of GoodSkin Labs. “We are now bringing together our products, skincare expertise, and real women ambassadors to help over-extended women, not just look better but feel better.”

The GoodSkin Labs Circle™ features ten women from across the country that were chosen from thousands of submissions to review and test GoodSkin Labs skincare products and share real results. A dedicated page on the GoodSkin Labs website features the GoodSkin Labs Circle™, special time-saving information for over-extended women, tips from GoodSkin Labs Global Dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank and special skincare product news. The Facebook page ( is a home for visitors to voice encouragement, frustrations, and share their own time-saving quick fixes and unique beauty tips.

A Sampling of the Tips:

KITCHEN SAVER - Sort your silverware in the dishwasher by type to save a few minutes when unloading: all spoons in one compartment, knives in another, etc. Bobbi, Chicago, IL

SPEEDY BLOW OUT - Speed up your blow out by only drying the front pieces with a round brush. Just gather the rest and twist into big sections. Blow dry each section while continuing to twist. You’ll have sultry looking locks in minutes. Cheryl, Miami, Fl

KNOT ANYMORE - Sick of wasting time trying to get tiny knots out of necklaces? Apply a bit of baby powder to the area to absorb the excess oil. Then gently pull at the knot with a tweezer and watch it unravel. Rory, Miami, Fl

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