Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cake and Scrapes: Shea Terra Organics Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel (review)

Today my nemesis is…a cake. A great big cake with tons of frosting and fancy writing. It’s my nemesis because I have to deliver it unharmed to an event that’s 60 miles away tonight. And it’s hot outside. And there’s no room in the work refrigerator to store it. So it’s going to be slightly gooey during the hour-plus drive.

And. And. And.

I know…I’m kind of cranky. Hot weather is not my friend, and we’ve had several days of it. Now I know why everyone gets mad at me in the winter when I get all cheerful about the snow while they’re shoveling out their cars.

The bright side (and there are several) is that I’m going to a fun event with a whole bunch of my friends. The other bright side is that if I’m successful, I’ll get to have...cake! And…before either of those things happen, I get to talk about a fine product. From Shea Terra Organics.

Cape Aloe Topical Healing Gel

Blurb: 99.5% Pure & Natural. Heal acne, burns, razor burns, nicks, cuts, wounds, bites and more all at amazing speed. Rare Cape Aloe is known to be the world's most active aloe. Off beaten paths, along bumpy, rocky roads in the Cape of South Africa grows the wonderous, succulent plant. Kept under the watchful eyes as a protected species, the outer leaves of this wonder plant are harvested to extract the healing jelly within. Made up of over 130 active chemicals, Cape Aloe's amazing healing properties is due to its high saponin, sterol, vitamin, mineral and amino acid content just to name a few. Once applied to skin Cape Aloe immediately goes to work to help cells build a protective barrier and aid them with the nutrients that they need to repair skin at an amazingly accelerated rate.

My other nemesis this week was a bad scrape on my hand. This scrape was caused by my mishandling of a cute tortoiseshell barrette. (Don’t let barrettes fool you – they look all innocent and stylish; but they can turn mean.) Of course cake can go a long way towards making any scrape feel better; but since I can’t actually eat any until after it’s delivered, I needed to try something else. So I tried this Gel.

I really love this product! Lots of people grow Aloe plants so they can run out and snip off a piece whenever they need it. Not me. I definitely prefer a handy pump bottle. It’s way more convenient. The healing properties of aloe make it great for just about anything that makes your skin unhappy. You can use it for sunburns, shaving cuts and even ragged cuticles. It helped my hand heal faster, and there was no snipping involved!

The website is currently in progress, but you can still browse the many fine products they have and sign up for VIP specials. Eventually, you’ll be able to visit the Explore Africa, and shea terra tv sections too.

(ftc disclosure: sample/product received from manufacturer or representative)

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