Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Feet (And Hands): POP beauty nail glam Polish (review)

Whoa. The heatwave is beginning…again. Today was not super fun. Not only did I run around doing a bunch of errands in the heat; I also had to spend way too much time changing all of my passwords. (Something looked suspicious on one of my email accounts, so I wasn’t taking any chances.) A good reason to not have the same password for everything in the first place – it’s a pain in the u-know-what to change them all at once.

Speaking of u-know-what; I saw the final Harry Potter movie this weekend (where u-know-who and Harry have their big showdown). I won’t tell you how it ends (as if); but I will tell you it was a thoroughly spectacular movie going experience (in fancy IMAX 3-D thankyouverymuch).

No cheesy tie-in today. I just wanted to share a bit. But now it really is time for a beauty review. Here’s something nifty - also from England - and POP beauty.

nail glam

Blurb: High intensity nail polish in a dream library of POP colours. Whether you want vampy black, the perfect rouge noir, classic tomato red or way-out fluro pink, POP Beauty has a nail shade to suit your mood and your wardrobe. Each Nail Glam shade is non-occlusive so it wont stain nails and contains nylon creating a strengthening non chip barrier. Nail Glam nails stay sensational.Nail Glam is the brand new high intensity nail polish from POP in 20 dazzling new shades.

These are fabulous awesome colors, and a fabulous awesome formula! I’m showing a lot of pictures just so you can appreciate the array of shades available. It really is like being in a candy store to look at all of these. All the shades I tried had excellent staying power (I used a base and top coat), and the colors stayed true throughout the week.

My absolute favorite was “ocean.” It’s a deep, shimmering cornflower blue that looks absolutely beautiful. I got so many compliments when I wore this – even from people who favor more “traditional” shades. My second favorite was “ultraviolet” – a creamy, rich lavender that looked great on my fingers and amazing on my toes. Honorable mention goes to “orange.” It’s fresh, bright, yummy and a little bit sassy.

Visit the U.S. website, and browse the other shades, Sara's POP picks and the web deals and steals. POP beauty can also be found at CVS,, and ULTA.

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