Thursday, July 21, 2011

Whining and Lining: Pixi Gel Liner (review)

You probably think I’m going to whine about the heat again. You would be right. I’m just not good at hot weather. Tonight I was supposed to go home, do laundry and tidy up around the apartment. Exactly none of that happened. Instead, I watched TV. Hmm…that sounds kind of win-win now that I think about it.

Anyway, in addition to "observing" the hot weather. I’m also observing a stellar product I’ve been using this week. From Pixi.

Gel Liner ("Onyx," "Sapphire," and "Jade")

Blurb: Create retro, sexy eyes in an instant. This gel liner is super easy to use with an intense colour pay off. Long-lasting with and water-resistant, it really goes the distance and stays put all day. With an application this smooth & foolproof, there's no need to be afraid of eyeliner application anymore!

Ever since I tried my first Pixi item, I’ve been hooked. I love the packaging, the selection and the excellent quality. So when I saw yet another type of eyeliner to try out (gel!) - I snapped them up.

As much as I've come to adore eye pencils (especially sexy, smudgy ones); my first and true love is applying liners with a brush. I love the smooth, saturated, clean lines that come with brush application. I’m also able to get much closer to the lash line. Gels are especially good for getting really saturated color – and the formula is a bit more forgiving than a liquid. (There’s also a bit of smudge time before it sets.)

These gels are wonderful. “Onyx” is a true, deep, jet black, and “Sapphire” is a very dark blue/black. “Jade” (which I found on, is a perfect hunter green. The brush that comes with the liner is pretty good – but I always prefer using my own brushes because I’m used to them. The gels were buttery soft, went on beautifully, and delivered highly saturated color and excellent staying power. Perfect score, Pixi!

The “Onyx” and “Sapphire” are currently available on the website. There are also some great web exclusives, and you can get 20% off of your order (use code: TWENTYOFF). Pixi is also sold at Target.

(ftc disclosure: purchased myself)

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  1. I am very big fan of Gel Liners. You can apply them easily in your own way. Currently I am using loreal gel liner and it is not waterproof at all. I definitely wanna try this liner but I think this is not available in India.